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Canon VOMIT Ship Names

I positively adore this community and have commented a few times, but this is my first actual post. It's not a rant, but an activity that I find quite enjoyable and wish to share with the only community that would deem it appropriate.

Yesterday I put up my anti-Pumpkin Pie, pro-Harmony views on my LJ, and while the main topic focuses on the H/Hr ship names, I also happily rip OBHWF to shreds at every opportunity. In this rant, I point out that H.M.S. Harmony should be considered the official name for H/Hr, and not Pumpkin Pie, because Harmony is canon-based. However, since Heron is also not a canon-based ship name, I took the liberty of listing a few more canon-oriented names for both the OBHWF ships.

H.M.S. Heron
- H.M.S. Off Page Only
- H.M.S. Heroine and Sidekick
- H.M.S. Dwelling on a Good Luck Distraction Kiss
- H.M.S. Red Herring

H.M.S. Chocolate
- H.M.S. Ginny Who?
- H.M.S. Possessed
- H.M.S. Elbow the Butter Dish
- H.M.S. Double Standards

The point of all this? I thought it might be fun if everyone made up more appropriate, canon-based ship names for both Heron and Chocolate, seeing as we've already got Harmony.

Please post what you think the OBHWF ship names should actually be. It's amazing how easy it is to come up with these. :D
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For H/G I like "HMS Oily Elbow" - a variation of which was suggested on ARGH (FAP) awhile ago by someone else.

Not a flattering ship name, but definitely canon. ;)
The abbreviation for HMS Heroine and Sidekick could be like, HMS Herokick...because they're kicking Harry out of the story because they think it's all about R/Hr.


Herokick!!! Oh man... that brought up the mental image of Hermione drop kicking Ron. It was beautiful. Thank you. :P
Ahhh yes. I think I just peed a little. Thats hilarious.


11 years ago

I somehow missed when H/G stopped being "Orange Crush".

I like HMS Red Herring the best.
Ditto on both statements.


11 years ago

HMS Non-Sexual Tension
Hehe... and speaking of tension...

H.M.S. Personality Clash works for me. ;)
Where did Chocolate come from?
From OotP I believe, when Ginny brought Harry the chocolate egg Mrs. Weasley sent him for Easter. Apparently it was a big moment for H/G-ers of Ginny getting Harry to open up to her, or some such rubbish.


11 years ago

Does anyone else find this rant about being anti-Pumpkin Pie somewhat ironic given the layout of the community?:Þ Anyway, I'm still very partial to pumpkins, simply because that's how the whole H/Hr relationship was introduced to me and I remember that fic being the one of the first pieces of HP fanfic I'd read. I've grown fond of Harmony since being on LJ though.

For H/G how about H.M.S. Sometimes A Broomstick Is Just A Broomstick
Woops... I don't really mean to offend the community. The whole point of this post was to make up ship names. :P

I don't quite get your H/G "broomstick is just a broomstick" reference, though. Can you clarify?


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11 years ago

HMS Verbal Abuse is Love

Yeah, how creative. -.-
Hey, they slap each other on the back for coming up with the sexual tension at the age 11 argument. Of course verbal abuse is love!
Out of curiousity...
I have always been a D/G shipper and stayed far away from the R/Hr vs. H/Hr fights, even though as a loyal member of PK I always favoured H/Hr...

I know about GoodShip vs. Harmony, and I know about Pumpkin Pie..
But where did Heron and Chocolate come from?

As someone stated above, Chocolate is from the Easter egg scene of OOTP (which has always puzzled me for a variety of reasons) where Ginny supposedly made Harry open up. Yeah... he was just pouring out his heart and soul to her there.

Heron is, I believe, a combination of HERmione and RON. Or something stupid like that, but it's interesting, isn't it, that Hermione is first in the ship name but the ship is all about Ron putting her in her place, yada yada.

That's Ron/Hermione for you. Love, Jerry Springer style.


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11 years ago

HMS No-Brainer

(Oh the double entendre, I love it)

Double entendre, indeed! ;)
Icon love.. My andrew icon is over at my blurty or i'd reply to this with it...
I love those.
I'm partial to HMS "Shut-up, Ron." though.
DR, yours are brilliant. Let me just add to it. :)

For Heron

HMS Twist and Shout
HMS Digusting Eating Habits
HMS Rude is Normal
or my fav: HMS Pathetic.

For Chocolate

HMS Chocolate From My Mum
HMS I Look Like Your Mum Do Me
HMS Ginny = Me!
and following, of course: HMS Wish Fulfillment

I like HMS Oily Elbow. :) Fav is HMS Ginny Who? though. So true!
HMS I Look Like Your Mum Do Me

HAHAHA! OMG, that's wonderful.

And all the rest are simply classic. H.M.S. Ginny = Me! is quite well deserved. :P
Ooh this is a fun game!


HMS Taming of the Shrew(their arguments about, Hermione, "being taken down a notch" always make me think of Taming of the shrew.. 'and she shall be a wild Hermione no more')

.. I love your, - H.M.S. Heroine and Sidekick *smirks* So true..



December 6 2007, 14:07:58 UTC 9 years ago

Off page only
Hero + Girl Sidekick
Red Herring
Mother + son wub (she mothers him)

Loo Roll (L is for Luna R is for Ron the first letters in Loo Roll)
Double Standards
Rude is normal
Luna Weasley WTF!

Harry/Ginny + Harry/Luna shipper who is laughing at you!

Re: names


9 years ago