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Ron rant

I hate Ron. Why? Because of the way he treats Hermione. I knew people like him in school. The people who were only nice to you when they wanted answers on the chemistry assignment (and the same people who made fun of you in primary school). Since none of them were forced to save me from a troll, none of them became my "friends". Rereading the books, I have read some really hurtful things said by Ron. It makes me want to kick him in the balls!

But he turned around in OotP, didn't he?

No! In five years of knowing Hermione, all he really knows about her is that she's a girl. (Which he only realized last year! Hermione=girl=perfume *rolls eyes*) Every Christmas and birthday, my acquaintances are always getting me things like perfume or lotions. And... they smell nice, they really do but there is nothing personal behind it. They don't know me that well and so they get me the typical girl gift.

However, on my last birthday, my best friend got me a CD of a group I really liked because she remembered a conversation we had a year ago. If my friend were a guy, I would have probably started crushing (but that's a path that's too creepy to go down...).

Harry, OTOH, listens to Hermione. He knows what she likes. He remembered something she said up to two years ago and got her a really nice christmas gift.

I don't understand how anybody could want the likes of Ron for Hermione. Ron does NOT like Hermione. He USES her. This is the kind of relationship that ends in, "Where's my money, bitch!"

And some random stuff: R/Hr - Opposites attract, like matter and anti-matter.

R/Hr - Because strong female characters are of the devil!

R/Hr - For those who read Harry Potter in between episodes of Friends.

H/G - Because Harry wants to shag his mum.

H/G - Because Harry secretly loves Ron.
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I actually don't hate Ron. (DON'T HIT ME! I'M INNOCENT!!) I was kind of upset he wasn't in more of OotP or at least more in Harry's thoughts. He was there for Harry at certain times, waking him after the dreams and the MoM and such. But, he wasn't acting like he wanted to be with Hermione. I mean, he went after the Quidditch spot and got it then decided to give up when they made him feel bad, he was Prefect but didn't work at it. Getting Hermione to be his girlfriend didn't seem to be on his agenda. I actually want more Ron in HBP (AHHHH!! NO BEATINGS PLEASE!) if only to see him grow up a little. When he's less intolerant we'll see a stop or at least less (lets not forget he's Molly's son) tension and rudeness with him and Hermione. Anyway about the gift, I think he said Hermione=girl, girls like perfume and got her it. He did think about it, he just didn't know perfume isn't the kind of thing Hermione would like. Ron was off the mark, and Harry was spot on. Simple.
I agree. I don't hate Ron. I quite like him, actually. I think it's because I love the Trio as a whole, therefore I like Ron because he's part of it. I don't think he's using Hermione, either. I do think he's really her friend and that he has this crush on her that he isn't aware of.

The thing is that I don't think he's right for Hermione and vice versa. Ron likes attention. Like in GoF when he's telling everyone about what happened during the second task, he embellishes it and Hermione notices it. Ron needs someone who boost his self esteem (like Luna who would probably believe anything he says LOL), not someone who will put him down. It's the same thing for Hermione. She doesn't need someone who will tell her that her efforts for SPEW are useless.
Anyway about the gift, I think he said Hermione=girl, girls like perfume and got her it. He did think about it, he just didn't know perfume isn't the kind of thing Hermione would like. Ron was off the mark, and Harry was spot on. Simple.

I disagree. It's not quite that simple. Really, if this were the first year (or even the second) of their friendship, that might be applicable. But there's just no getting around the fact that Ron has known Hermione for FIVE years and still does not "know" her enough to realize that she's not a perfume person. Harry isn't exactly Mr. Astute Observer; the lad is as dense as a doorpost in many respects.

The difference between Harry and Ron in regards to Hermione is simple, but not that kind of simple that you stated. That made it sound like Harry just happened to make a lucky guess about what to get Hermione for Christmas. The simplicity of it is that Harry listens to Hermione. Ron doesn't. I don't doubt that he cares about her on some level, or else they wouldn't be friends, but he doesn't care enough to hear her. The passage in OOTP where Hermione was trying to stop Harry from going to Umbridge's office to talk to Sirius about what he'd seen in Snape's Worst Memory says a great deal. By the end of the lesson (History of Magic), Harry wasn't speaking to Hermione -- because she was trying to stop him from being reckless. But guess what? At the end of that lesson, Ron also wasn't speaking to Hermione! Why? Because he said to her:

"Hermione, are you going to listen to Binns or am I going to have to take notes?" (paraphrased, as I don't have my books in front of me). As if Hermione would be shirking her God-assigned duty and committing a crime that would cause him to "have to take notes".

And, *gasp*, Hermione had the friggin' nerve to tell him that he should take notes for a change, it wouldn't kill him! Because of that he's not speaking to her either, because for once in his life, he can't just mooch off her.

That is Ron. He doesn't respect her, period. I have always noticed that the adverbs that JKR uses to describe Ron and Hermione's interraction with each other is at least 90% negative. It's "nastily", "coldly", "angrily", "indigantly" and on and on.... And Hermione is so mature in so many ways. It's only with Ron that she becomes childish and petty, even downright mean. He brings out the worst in her. I mean, he causes her to forget basic manners, for Pete's sake, and it's made glaringly obvious by the fact that she'd thanked their other best friend with exclamation points mere seconds before!

But I'm rambling.... to comment, I don't hate Ron, but I hate what his deluded fangirls have made him into. I hate that his actions are so easily explained away, whereas Harry can't even be allowed to suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome without being labeled an angry, rude brat. I hate that people seem to want to grant Ron whatever he wants, because if he doesn't, oh it would break poor Ronniekin's heart and JKR would never do that, blah, blah... when the woman doesn't hesitate to make her main character's life a living hell time and time again.

In short, I hate that so many try to make Ron overshadow Harry, when the fact of the matter is that he hasn't, he can't and he never will.


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Haven't you all heard the moronic theory that it was Ron who bought both gifts because it never said Harry bought the book.

So really, it is Ron who cares so deeply for Hermione that he. Not Harry.

*throws up*
.....are you kidding me?

is that really a theory?

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HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! HAHAHAH!! *falls off chair*
Oh no, thats very... :\
What?! Are they serious?

Is there a history of the book buying needed for them to be convinced that Harry got it for her?


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Like Ron would have enough money for BOTH gifts!

Stupid dumbasses. That's just an idiotic theory.


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I'm indifferent about Ron. I neither love nor hate him, I just don't favor him as an exceptional character of the series is all. There are times when I view him as a great best mate for Harry, and there are other times when I view him as an absolute prick; it varies between his actions and/or reactions to certain situations happening in the books. He's a stubborn character, very emotionally unstable and unreasonable most of the time when talking to either Harry or Hermione. While I understand his role of being Harry's best male mate and completing the trio friendship that is boundless, sometimes I wonder what's significant about him otherwise.

That being said, I couldn't care less about Ron as a character. I have a mutual understanding of both sides -- he's part of the trio and Harry's best friend, however isn't necessarily trustworthy in serious situations.

Many assume because Ron mistreats and ridicules Hermione means that he actually likes her, but doesn't know how to express it any other way. This is what I call the Kindergarten Strategy: when a boy teases a girl it means he likes the girl. It's a rather juvenile concept, but sometimes it can become true and, according to the books, Ron and Hermione are within that age range where this concept applies. The majority of Ron's ridiculing of Hermione can be construed as him crushing over her -- but there no accurate way to prove this because it isn't stated clearly within the series. It's implied, but we're not seeing through Ron or Hermione's eyes. The series is shown through Harry's POV, hence the many descriptions of Harry thinking/worrying about his actions of Cho Chang.

See, I try to look at this entire situation both ways -- I can understand why people would interpret Ron/Hermione and I also understand the Harry/Hermione side. However, in my personal view, Harry/Hermione fits because they have more compatibility and mutual understanding of one another, whereas Ron and Hermione go around each other in circles without development (either in a relationship or in their friendship).
I agree completely on the way you see Ron. I never hated him (not until I was confronted with the excessive fandom wuv that see him as their flawless freckled King), but his character always left me cold. Harry's my hero; Ron just disappears next to him. I don't care if he gets what he wants or if his ickle jealous feelings are hurt. Great if he works through his issues, I hope JKR handles it well. If he were to disappear the next book... *shrugs*

So, word.
Because Harry want's to shag his mom. lmao. I've always said that but FINALLY someone else sees what I'm talking about. It's one of my biggest pet peeves. Because Ginny looks like Lily and Harry looks like James they must get together because...history will repeat it's self! Yah..because Harry would want to sleep with his Mom..makes perfect since...but its not ok for Harry to sleep with Hermione because she's too much like a mom...what double standards.
While it is true that some people do seem to fixate on people who resemble their mothers (as in, hey I need somebody as good as my mom) but this theory wouldn't work for Harry. He never KNEW his mother. So how could he pick somebody that reminds him of a woman he only knew less than 18 months?
I don't understand how anybody could want the likes of Ron for Hermione.

Because for most R/Hr shippers, it's all about teh Ron. The only place I've seen more negative comments about Hermione than a R/Hr forum is the one where they bitch about movie!Hermione not being canon. They think she's a nag, a perfectionist, bitchy and humorless. Yet this is what they want for Ron because they think HE wants it.

I don't think that Ron is quite as bad as you are describing, only that he hasn't matured along with Hermione and Harry. He didn't have to, given all the older brothers to tag along after and a mother who overprotects (yes, with some reason, but she'll have to get over it fast). His trial by fire had better come in HBP, otherwise I don't see any other role for him in the books besides dying a grand death.
i love ron and he is one of my favorite characters in the series...

BUT I HATE R/HR WITH A DEEP DEEP DEEP PASSION!!! In the end (according to herons) all ron has to do is be exactly like harry!!! If R/Hr happens, i think it will ruin the whole way of Ron... ron and hermy would have to stop arguing about trivial things every two seconds; this is not the Ron i knew and loved...

herons think that if R/Hr happens harry will be as happy as a jew when hanukkah (despite almost all my friends being jewish i stil think i spelled it wrong...) comes early! But if H/Hr happens...UH OH!!! APACOLYPSE!!! Ron will be so depressed that he didn't get the affections of the girl he has had a crush on that he won't be able to be around Harry and Hermione ever again! His jealousy will get the best of him and he will never be the same!!!

Herons really don't have much faith in their OBHWF do they...they think ron is some weak little...erm...thing that if he doesn't get the girl he will break into a zillion pieces. If h/hr happens and ron is that shallow to ditch his two best friends of 6 years because his 2 year crush didn't like him, i'll have to find a new red headed fictional character to have a crush i shouldn't have typed that out...erm...
As far as I see it, Ron is weak in a way (though nothing like the Herons would like to think). He lets jealousy and negative emotions rule him much too easily, he's selfish and insensitive. In my opinion, this constitutes a weak (not to mention immature, which we all know he is) person. The Herons would like to think that Ron would sink into a deep depression and break into a million pieces if Harry and Hermione got together; this would NOT happen. Ron may be weak, but he's not THAT weak. However, there may be a chance that he'd break off a 6-year friendship because his two best friends (one of them being his crush) got together: see exhibit A, GoF, when Ron throws away a 4-year friendship because he's insanely jealous of Harry, and thinks he entered the Triwizard Tournament without telling him. However, we can only hope that, like in GoF, he'll eventually come to his senses and get over it.


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I didn't hate Ron at first. In the beginning, when he was a jerk to Hermione I didn't really worry because it's from Harry's POV and his POV? SAVE HERMIONE NOW!!!!

It wasn't til I read GoF when I started to hate Ron. He was a total jackass to Harry even though he has NO control over what happens to him. Over the money, over the fame, over getting into the Goblet of Fire. Also, there was no "Harry, I'm sorry I'm a total dick" scene EVER so how people can STILL like Ron I don't understand.

Then when I reread the first four is when I saw how much of a jerk Ron is to Hermione. He's the type of person who mooches off the smart person. Yes, Harry did a bit too but he's not as open on it (Like the scene where Ron asks if Hermione's taking notes so he won't have too or like the scene where he wants to look at Hermione's essay) Also, we can see that Harry appreciates Hermione from his thoughts and his actions.
Ron needs to realize that he has it a lot better off than harry...didn't you love when harry threw the badge at ron and said "there, maybe you'll get a scar! Thats what you want isn't it"...i was inwardly cheering...i really hope ron will realize this and get his head out of his arse because i have a feeling there is going to be a blow out within the trio (i think starting with the couple within the trio *cough cough* harry and hermione *cough cough*)


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First of all,

R/Hr - Because strong female characters are of the devil!

R/Hr - For those who read Harry Potter in between episodes of Friends.

H/G - Because Harry wants to shag his mum.

H/G - Because Harry secretly loves Ron.

My family now thinks i'm crazy cause i laughed so loud.. nice.

Second, i go back and forth on Ron. I honestly never had an issue with him until i joined fandom, he was just kind of.. there, but when i saw the amazing amount of RONFANGIRLS! there are in this fandom, i started to dislike him. I don't understand how people are so in love with Ron, how Ron is their favorite character. I hate that people loose site of the fact that these books are ABOUT HARRY(i swear i'm tattooing that on my head, i'm so sick of saying it)
I absolutely detest Ron and abhor fanon! Ron. I started to dislike Ron when we found out what he saw in the mirror of Erised. My dislike for him grew to the point where I simply couldn't stand him in POA. I was quite happy when he was knocked out and missed all the action at the end. By the time I read GOF Ron had become one of my least favorite characters in the series. He hasn't grown up any from the first book and when it comes to Hermione he will never admit he was wrong. He ruined her night at the Yule Ball and doesn't apologize for it. Yes I hate Ron and my opinion on that is not likely to change. In fact, I can't stand his mother either any more.
Since none of them were forced to save me from a troll, none of them became my "friends".</q>

I SO agree on this one. Harry realizes Hermione doesn’t know about the troll, is the one who pulls Ron’s arm and makes him notice it. Ron is just dragged by Harry to go and save Hermione.
Now, is tempting to think that Ron admires/envies Harry so he accepts the rescue mission not because he’s motivated to do it (actually he looks upset when he says yes) but because he needs to feel he’s on Harry’s side.


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Ron may be an a*shole, but name any guy who hasn't been one at one point of their lives ? If you're going to try and tell everyone that Harry is the only hero and decent man in this book, you need to reread the entire series .