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logic of a 10 year old HP fan~exclusive interview from a random 10 year old who IMed me from NJ...

At 2:40 PST i recieved an IM from CharlesBarr101. At first i thought "why is charlie dobb iming me, he is supposed to be out of town..." but when i asked who it was they said "my name is charlie! I'm from New Jersey" and then he explained how he found my im (from's comment page) and then asked me where i was from and i said Los Angeles and then he asked how old am i. This became a bit sketchy so i asked how old he was and he said, to my dismay, 10 years old. When he asked me how old i was again i answered truthfully and said i was 14 years old. From then on is was a whirl wind of horrible Heron worthy spelling and "evidence" that didn't make much sense for actual cannon...

Mongoosegal1114: so do you ship anyone in the book?
CharlesBarr101: i don't kno wut that means
Mongoosegal1114: like who would you want to see together?
CharlesBarr101: oooo
Mongoosegal1114: or who do you see evidence for?
CharlesBarr101: harry and hermionie
Mongoosegal1114: yeah me too
CharlesBarr101: they say in the movie
Mongoosegal1114: oh really?
CharlesBarr101: GoF
CharlesBarr101: that they hug alot
CharlesBarr101: so...
Mongoosegal1114: but like based on the books...
CharlesBarr101: i think mayb they already read HBP and knos that harry and Hermionie gets 2gether
CharlesBarr101: and by they i mean the director
Mongoosegal1114: erm maybe
CharlesBarr101: and that may b a clue
Mongoosegal1114: maybe
CharlesBarr101: i read that J.K. Rowling revieled the HBP and i read it
CharlesBarr101: so
CharlesBarr101: that means i kno
Mongoosegal1114: she "revieled" it?
CharlesBarr101: but i already 4get
CharlesBarr101: yeh

then we discuss the lovely spoilers and he brings up the one about ol' Albus dying...but his reasoning of this is pretty entertaining

CharlesBarr101: he would die 4 3 reasons
Mongoosegal1114: ok...shoot
CharlesBarr101: 1 Voldemart is in, by or arund the castle and somehow kills him but he may not get killed by Voldimart some1 like deatheaters may kill him other than that i don't kno butt...
CharlesBarr101: but...*lol
CharlesBarr101: harry must b in more danger then the other books i mean Sirious is dead and a lot of things has happen
CharlesBarr101: since the 5th
CharlesBarr101: i mean
CharlesBarr101: he stays 4 a summer @ the durslys but...he will b there 4 a shorter time
CharlesBarr101: and that is all i figured out soo far
CharlesBarr101: there is no 3rd

That last bit that he said was the funniest really...if you understand his logic behind some of this, please inform me because i'm interested in knowing...i know hes only 10 but he was so full of himself when i was talking to him hes like "I AM THE BIGGEST HARRY POTTER FAN EVER! NO OFFENCE" and such...i put this up because i was pretty much bored...just tell me what you think of it...or we could just make fun of 10 year olds...whichever is fine :)
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I totally just spit out my drink, kthx. That's the most hilarious thing ever. I mean...EVER.

Oh the logic of children...Lol.
I want to shop at Voldemart.

10 year olds are cute. Awwwwwwwww. I can't understand them though. Just nod and smile.
I want to shop at Voldemart.

I thought the EXACT same thing. Creepy.
Why do we feel the need to make fun of 10 yr olds? At least he took the time to think about it and try to come to his own conclusions whether or not you agreed or even understood the point of his ideas is not the point. Just that he has ideas of his own. For the life of me I didn't read about any of your ideas on the subject And I don't hear any evidence that you tried to enlighten the kid either, he's probably just repeating something he heard. What good is there in laughing at a child because of something like this? He's just a kid and you should know better. Oh and the fact that he seemed full of himself did you stop to think he was trying to impress you? I'm not flaming you at all just some food for thought after all it wasn't that long ago we were kids too. And the books we're originally intending for Kids just like the one you're making fun of.
i actually thought it was quite cute...and little kids are full of themselves and i did think he may have wanted to impress me...i just thought it was really really really random in the end. I didn't butt in because i wanted to hear what he had to say and i also didn't show you the entire conversation in which shortly after he said that "there isn't a third" that he had to go. I'm not trying to be nasty to him or anything but i think little kids are funny and they do/say silly things sometimes. I'm not implying that i was never stupid about things because i was (and still am) and i just thought it was cute overall...i was just poking fun at him and its not like i was saying "10 year olds make me want to vomit and kill myself"...if you didn't find it entertaining you don't have to show that by making me seem like a child hater or anything...but thanks for telling me how you felt anyways...
Hi, For replying to me. I didn't think your comment we're mean spirited at all. And I was in no way flaming nor was I offended. I had heard/ read several negative comments lately in regards to kids and the hp books and yours which wasn't negative so much just so happened to be where my thoughts on the matter ended up. We should all take into mind that kids are easily influenced for bad or good especially when its in reards to someone older and cooler whatever. We all do stupid things to be liked. I couldn't begin to tell all the stupid sometimes illegal things I did because I wanted someone to like me or hell just in general I did alot alot of dumb things. Well anyway thanks for the lack of animosity. peace