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Canon VOMIT Ship Names

I positively adore this community and have commented a few times, but this is my first actual post. It's not a rant, but an activity that I find quite enjoyable and wish to share with the only community that would deem it appropriate.

Yesterday I put up my anti-Pumpkin Pie, pro-Harmony views on my LJ, and while the main topic focuses on the H/Hr ship names, I also happily rip OBHWF to shreds at every opportunity. In this rant, I point out that H.M.S. Harmony should be considered the official name for H/Hr, and not Pumpkin Pie, because Harmony is canon-based. However, since Heron is also not a canon-based ship name, I took the liberty of listing a few more canon-oriented names for both the OBHWF ships.

H.M.S. Heron
- H.M.S. Off Page Only
- H.M.S. Heroine and Sidekick
- H.M.S. Dwelling on a Good Luck Distraction Kiss
- H.M.S. Red Herring

H.M.S. Chocolate
- H.M.S. Ginny Who?
- H.M.S. Possessed
- H.M.S. Elbow the Butter Dish
- H.M.S. Double Standards

The point of all this? I thought it might be fun if everyone made up more appropriate, canon-based ship names for both Heron and Chocolate, seeing as we've already got Harmony.

Please post what you think the OBHWF ship names should actually be. It's amazing how easy it is to come up with these. :D
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