Ashley (lockedsomewhere) wrote in the_it_ship,

Ron rant

I hate Ron. Why? Because of the way he treats Hermione. I knew people like him in school. The people who were only nice to you when they wanted answers on the chemistry assignment (and the same people who made fun of you in primary school). Since none of them were forced to save me from a troll, none of them became my "friends". Rereading the books, I have read some really hurtful things said by Ron. It makes me want to kick him in the balls!

But he turned around in OotP, didn't he?

No! In five years of knowing Hermione, all he really knows about her is that she's a girl. (Which he only realized last year! Hermione=girl=perfume *rolls eyes*) Every Christmas and birthday, my acquaintances are always getting me things like perfume or lotions. And... they smell nice, they really do but there is nothing personal behind it. They don't know me that well and so they get me the typical girl gift.

However, on my last birthday, my best friend got me a CD of a group I really liked because she remembered a conversation we had a year ago. If my friend were a guy, I would have probably started crushing (but that's a path that's too creepy to go down...).

Harry, OTOH, listens to Hermione. He knows what she likes. He remembered something she said up to two years ago and got her a really nice christmas gift.

I don't understand how anybody could want the likes of Ron for Hermione. Ron does NOT like Hermione. He USES her. This is the kind of relationship that ends in, "Where's my money, bitch!"

And some random stuff: R/Hr - Opposites attract, like matter and anti-matter.

R/Hr - Because strong female characters are of the devil!

R/Hr - For those who read Harry Potter in between episodes of Friends.

H/G - Because Harry wants to shag his mum.

H/G - Because Harry secretly loves Ron.
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