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Apparently a lot of spoilers have been so-called 'leaked' about HBP. :-/ What do you guys think?

I suppose just to collect them in one place and see how credible they get.

Someone who seems at least somewhat reliable from portkey says:

Here is the information that I have been told:

1. Bill Weasley is going to become a werewolf
2. Tonks will fall n love with Lupin
3. Draco Malfoy is taken by Voldemort near the end of the book causing Harry to have mixed feelings over the whole thing. *by mixed feelings I mean that he still hates Malfoy, but he feels bad and is concerned*
4. and the HBP is...none other than our favorite Professor, Snape
5. It is Dumbledore that snuffs it.
6. almost forgot, NO R/HR woot...no kissing, no snuggling, nothing. Apparently Ron has his eye on another girl

This poster says:
Now, as for sources, I have my own that I trust, and I only trust this person because they gave accurate spoilers of OotP. That does not mean that anyone else should believe the spoilers that I have talked about.

I don't know how many of you were around for the release of OotP, but let me tell you there were spoilers left and right. It was pure insIanity. The person that has talked about Bill becoming a werewolf, R/Hr not happening, and the other things I mentioned in my first post in this thread had two very real spoilers for OotP. The information they had for OotP was that Sirius would die and Luna Lovegood would be a new character. Now, they could have guessed the part about Sirius, but I can't see how they could have guessed about Luna.

That, along with the breach of security the leaky cauldron said happened in Canada... ohhh boy.

My cousin works at a newspaper where she SAYS the book reviewer has an advance copy of the book and told her some snippets about it. My cousin is a fan of the series but stopped reading after PoA, so I'd give these spoilers a 50 percent believability rating.

- Draco apparently joins the D.A. in secret for some reason. By in secret, apparently this means unbeknowst to other Slytherins. Harry is against Draco being involved but Hermione persuades him to let him in. This could be why he is "taken" by Voldemort at the end. Cousin had no comment on that.

- Harry gets a girlfriend and there is some talk, peripherally, about Charlie getting married! But Ron and Hermione do not get together. Cousin said that the book reviewer said that the main romance in the book is between Harry and "some girl." Now, Cousin swears she asked the reviewer if "some girl" = Ginny and the woman said she "couldn't remember." Ginny has been pretty prominent in the books, so I'd have to think that if it was her, the woman would have remembered.

Cousin also swears to me that she asked several times about Ron and Hermione (I have friends who are shippers), and the woman said she likes both characters and had expected them to get closer, but was "surprised" by their lack of interaction in HBP. Cousin also said the reviewer implied that Ron's eye was on another girl in this book. Luna, maybe?

I've heard the no Ron and Hermione thing elsewhere, too, so yeah. If you ship them, HBP isn't your book, and apparently, they take a step backward if these spoilers are to be believed. The Draco thing seems iffy to me, but on the other hand, there has to be some reason why Voldemort singles him out at the end.

According to the book reviewer, Ron's girlfriend is someone in his house. So Luna is out. Since Hermione is also out (and so is Ginny for obvious reasons), that means it's either Parvati Patil, Lavender Brown, or a new character in Gryffindor. Harry is not dating Hermione, either. Cousin said reviewer still "couldn't remember" who the girl is.

More on Draco: He has a falling out with someone in Slytherin over Lucius and this precipitates his "detour." Cousin said the reviewer said the fight was between Draco and someone she'd never "heard of." That doesn't mean that it couldn't be Blaise Zabini, who has only been mentioned once or some other marginal Slytherin. Also, Lucius apparently attempts to contact Draco but is deterred somehow. Unclear whether he is still in Azkaban.

We find out what happened with Umbridge and the Centaurs. Whatever happened there directly leads to Fudge leaving the Ministry. New Minister is, according to reviewer, Cedric's dad.

The Remus and Tonks thing is real and it is apparently a shared crush. Cousin said reviewer said that the relationship develops "cutely" but at the end of the book you're not sure what comes of it.

Finally, someone on ew.net says ( and beware, this stinks of horse manure):

QUOTE (Puppyship27 @ Jul 10 2005, 11:13 PM)
If you're talking about the Draco stuff, yeah, that's all pretty much speculation except for the part where he gets taken by Voldemort. But the Ron and Hermione stuff has been independently confirmed by three other people who I know have had access to the book or know people who have. Ron does stop liking Hermione and goes out with Lavender Brown. Hermione gets mad about it for awhile and then starts dating someone from the Ravenclaw House. I don't know who. So there will be no Ron and Hermione. That is a spoiler that I guarantee is 100 percent true.

Harry dates Ginny. Sorry. I don't know if it's lasting or not, but it happens in Halfblood Prince. Harry gets reinstated onto the Quidditch team, Ginny moves her position to Beater and they get close and date. They are together at the end of the book, too, so Ginny does not die. I hate Ginny and I hate Harry and Ginny, so I have no reason to lie about this. You'll see for yourself in six days.

But this is the least credible yet. U_U" sounds like a load of fanfiction to me.

What's consistent is the lack of R/Hr.

So much info. Surprisingly, some of it matches up. Oh, and apparently someone from mugglenet's comments section who claims to have read it says the romance is very 'angsty' but is close-lipped about spoilers. Rightfully so, but ...

But the Bill = Werewolf is a bit...

I suppose we'll see. BUT IT IS A WHOLE FIVE DAYS! I'm getting a little too excited from waiting. *sigh*
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