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It's rant time!

You know who I really can't stand? R/Hr shippers who say that H/Hr has no evidence whatsoever. These are the people who've made this shipping war so nasty. I don't have a problem with R/Hr shippers who actually have the intelligence to say: "Yes, I understand where you're coming from - that H/Hr is possible in canon - but I still don't like it and prefer to ship R/Hr because that's what I believe will happen." Why aren't there more of these people? Where are they all hiding? I'm so sick of being labelled 'massively deluded' just because I (and many, many others) see a relationship developing between Harry and Hermione that goes beyond friendship. I'm an intelligent human being; I know I'm not imagining these things.

R/Hr shippers also love to point out that Harry hasn't had any "romantic" thoughts about Hermione - yet. Do they think that people just fall in love over night? That's my biggest issue with R/Hr evidence - that it all started when Ron realized Hermione was of the opposite sex. Does this mean that Ron all of a sudden had more than friendly feelings for her? No. He was desperate for a date, and Hermione was a last resort. And the so-called "jealousy" he was feeling toward her and Krum? It's funny that he was constantly calling her a traitor because that isn't jealousy, people. That's Ron trying to appear more loyal than Hermione to Harry, something he especially needed to do after that hissy fit he threw over Harry becoming a Triwizard champion. And to even think that Hermione has feelings for Ron is just absurd. It's interesting how R/Hr shippers always fail to provide solid evidence for that, probably because there is none.

Harry and Hermione's relationship has been growing steadily since Book 1, and it's just now at the point where certain feelings might start popping up (or at least become conscious feelings). REAL love, which requires a strong foundation built on trust, respect, and friendship, is a process. It develops over time. R/Hr shippers cannot deny the trust, respect and friendship between Harry and Hermione. They even openly acknowledge it most of the time; that is, after all, their main argument against our ship. Harry and Hermione are just friends. It's funny, then, how JKR so often has to show us the friendship between them when she almost never has to for Harry and Ron's friendship. Why keep on throwing it in our faces - rather, why keep on putting it on a pedestal when, by now, it should be pretty clear that Harry and Hermione are great friends? Perhaps because it's going to become something more? Is it that insane of an idea? Many R/Hr shippers dislike the Grawp chapter in OotP, often calling it 'boring' or even 'useless'. The chapter isn't there for JKR to show us just how great of friends Harry and Hermione are. This chapter, along with many other moments in OotP, exists to show just how much more important Hermione is to Harry than anyone else at this point. And Ron is absent (from most of the action in the series) for a reason. It's called authorial intent.

Ok, I'm done (for now). There's more I want to say, but I think I'll let HBP do all the talking.
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