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ha·ven: [n.] A place of refuge or rest; a sanctuary.

Once upon a time, there was a stupid idea. It was too stupid to even be considered anywhere near the bounds of logic, alas it still polluted the minds of innocent people.

One day, an unfortunate soul happened to come into reluctant contact with this very stupid idea. The idea caused the poor, lost soul severe pain and sent her into furious anger. But she had nowhere to vent it.


To make a long and boring story short, welcome to </a></b></a>the_it_ship, the home and haven for
everything The Giant Squid/[enter name here].

No, really.

Actually, here on the ship we offer a place for H/Hr to rant their little hearts out whether it be on something mundane or a major ship rant.

Due to our growing community, membership will now be mod-approved. Once you're in, please excerise constructive debate and proper behavior. Mods will not hesitate in deleting posts. Thank you.